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eDrive Point Drivers

Now available to expand capabilities of your Andover Controls systems.

Facility Automation Solutions offers a family of high-speed point drivers that can interface Andover Controls Continuum™  to a wide range of Devices and Systems from other manufacturers.

eDrive  Software allows point data to pass to and from third-party devices, having them behave as if they were native Andover system points.

We have worked closely with Andover Dealers and System Integrators to develop drivers that are fast, reliable, and easy to install/configure.

 Update!     eDrive  Now Talks Modbus and SNMP ...

eDrive  Has been improved to included communications with Modbus devices and SNMP devices.
A wide range of commercial and industrial controls are capable of sharing data using Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocol.

Also, many datacenters are now using HVAC and Power Monitoring devices that support SNMP protocol as a standard feature. Now they can be easily intefaced to your Andover systems using the latest features in eDrive  .

 For Devices ...

eDrive  Versions are available to allow an Andover Controls system to interface with Devices such as Variable Frequency Drives, Chillers, Lighting Controllers, Room Pressure Monitors, etc. Click here for latest list of  compatable Devices

 For Complete Systems ...

There are also versions to interface to complete Systems such as Siemens Apogee™, Carrier CCN™, and others. Click here for latest list of  compatable Systems

 How it Works ...

eDrive  Software resides on the Andover workstation (or other networked PC)and continuously translates point values to and from third-party devices, making them behave as you would expect Numeric point objects. Click here for  complete details

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