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eDrive  Allows Andover Systems to Interface
to Other Manufacturers Existing Systems.

eDrive  gives you the ability to bring in points from entire systems by other manufacturers.  Its the perfect way to consolidate those "non-Andover" portions of your facilities into a single system built around Cyberstation™ as the front end.  The result is a single, coordinated system that can easily grow as an up-to-date Andover system.

eDrive  is also a solution for older systems that have obsolete front end software, or no front end at all. Now you can install Cyberstation as a modern front end with all of its features for Alarms, Schedules, Graphics, etc. Its a great way to have the advantages of Continuum™ without the expense of replacing an entire legacy system.

   A Note About Interfacing to Systems ...

  Greater care and planning must be used when applying eDrive  to systems when compared to individual devices.

The system integrator must be familiar enough with the system to be interfaced in order to ensure its continued operation. Provisions must be made for maintaining existing programs, making backups, etc. The driver only moves point data to and from the system. It will not replace all functions of an existing front end workstation.

Our applications people are available to assist you in your project planning. Feel free to contact us at

   Current System List ...

   Siemens Apogee™
Description Notes
Bring in points from BLN controllers (i.e. MBC, RBC, FLNC, or MEC) and unbundled points from device level controllers below.
  • Requires one available MMI or MMI-Modem port on BLN controller.
  • Speed up to approx. 400 points/min.
  • Read, Write, and Override Siemens points.
  • A single driver can access multiple BLN controllers in different locations via Ethernet.
  •    Siemens System 600™
    Description Notes
    Bring in points from BLN controllers (i.e. MBC, RBC, or FLNC) and unbundled points from device level controllers below.
  • (Same features as Siemens Apogee, above.)
  •    Carrier CCN™
    Description Notes
    Interfaces directly to CCN bus to bring in selected points from controllers.
  • Does not require DataPort or DataLink device.
  • Conforms to the configuration of programmable devices (1600 and 6400 controllers).
  • Allows for Read, Write(Override) of most Hardware and Software points.
  • Allows for adjustment of 'Setpoint' values.
  • Speeds up to 300 points/min.
  • Will not work well if online simultaneously with CCN front end software.
  •    Johnson Controls - N2 Devices
    Description Notes
    Interfaces directly to single or multiple N2 busses to bring in selected points from a wide range of N2 devices.
  • Allows for Read, Write, and Override of exposed N2 points.
  • Works with UNT, VAV, AHU, DX9100 and VMA families of devices.
  • Speeds up to 400 points/min.
  • Will not work if other 'Master' devices are present on same N2 bus.

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