eDrive eDrive
The eDrive Concept:  Multiple Protocols, Easy to Use
eDrive Architecture:
eDrive brings together point values from building equipment and systems...
... stores and manages them as internal eDrive Point Objects ...
... then shares them with other systems that need them.
eDrive eDrive Source A Source B Source C Consumer 1 (Web Services) Consumer 2 (Driven Points) Web Browser User Interface Sources of Point Data Internal eDrive Points Consumers of Point Data Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point  Consumer 3 (Web Services) IP Network Source D
Supported Protocols
BACnet Modbus SNMP Web Services JCI N2 Open Siemens Apogee Andover Continuum Schneider Electric EcoStuxure Building
eDrive Features:
Wide range of popular communication protocols.
Read and write point values to and from equipment/systems that utilize any of the popular communication protocols listed. For example, with one instance of eDrive you can... Read in SNMP object values and write them out to BACnet IP objects, and Read Siemens Apogee point objects and expose them through simple XML Web Services.
Web Browser for configuration and management.
Just point your web browser to eDrive from any network location to easily configure and control all communication parameters.  Explore for points in devices, then drag and drop just the ones you need.
Consolidate all interface drivers to a single location.
Because eDrive can connect to devices anywhere within an enterprise IP network, all drivers can be brought together to be managed from one convenient location.
Runs as Windows service.
eDrive works with a wide range of Windows workstation or server operating systems and runs unattended as a Windows service.  (see System Requirements)
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