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Systems Integration - Simplified
Systems integration in today’s buildings can be challenging.  Equipment and systems from different manufacturers often don’t talk the same language.  Sharing data between them usually requires a variety of hardware appliances, each limited to specific protocols and limited number of points. eDrive takes a better approach.  eDrive combines the capabilities of multiple gateways into a single, easy to manage software application.  Install eDrive as a Windows service, then configure it using a standard web browser to select the point values and protocols you need.  eDrive will then work continuously to read and write point values, sharing them as you have directed.
Multiple Protocols...
SNMP Web Services EcoStruxure™ Building by Andover Continuum™ by
Metasys ®  N2 Open by Johnson Controls
eDrive eDrive
eDrive Software from Facility Automation Solutions.
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eDrive communicates over IP networks and can bring in point data from locations anywhere on the client’s enterprise network.  In addition, the web browser interface allows you to control and monitor all functions of eDrive from anywhere on the network.
Enabled Device Name Device Type Address Point Count Point Score Cycle Time AHU-12 Points Siemens 1 24 100 60 s AHU-12 Terminal Points Siemens 1 128 100 300 s CEP Chilled Water System BACnet 0 73 100 30 s CEP Hot Water System BACnet 0 49 98 30 s Weather Forecast Web Service 9 100 7200 s Weather Present Conditions Web Service 13 100 1200 s Main Electric Meter Modbus 3 8 100 20 s Campus ES EcoStruxure Smart Connector 158 100 60 s Row 1 UPS SNMP 13 100 60 s Row 2 UPS SNMP 13 100 60 s Water Treatment Modbus 1 4 100 600 s +  Create New Device
Web Browser Interface for Configuration and Performance Monitor
Now all your systems integration data sharing can be managed in an organized, efficient manner through one interface.
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