eDrive Capabilities
Direct to BACnet IP devices, or through standard BACnet router to devices on MSTP serial bus. Read and Write point object values.  Analog, binary and multistate objects.
Direct to Modbus TCP devices, or through standard device servers to devices on Modbus RTU serial bus. Read and Write point object values.
Uses SNMP Get and Set requests to read and/or write object values.  MIB browser plug-in and GetNext walk for selection of objects. Supports SNMP Versions 1, 2 and 3.
Web Services
Retrieves values via HTTP web service requests that return either XML or JSON response
EcoStruxure Building by Schneider Electric
Into EBO: Responds to web service requests from EcoStuxure Building Operation with point values of any/all eDrive point objects. Out from EBO: Utilizes Schneider Electric SmartConnector Extension to extract point values from EcoStruxure Building AS or ES.
Andover Continuum by Schneider Electric
Direct read and write values of Continuum point objects in network level controllers, Infinet i2 controllers and b3 MSTP controllers.
Siemens Apogee
Read and override point object values over IP network connection to serial device server into Apogee HMI serial port.
JCI N2 Open
Read and write point object values over IP network connection to serial device server configured as the single master device on N2  RS-485 serial bus.
eDrive eDrive
eDrive System Requirements: Hardware Requirements: Operating System Requirements (either):
eDrive Licensing and Pricing: eDrive base license includes BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, Web Services and N2 Open protocol capabilities.  Multi-tier pricing is based on total number of points. Optional protocol capabilities for EcoStruxure Building, Andover Continuum and Siemens Apogee are available, priced separately. Free demo version is available.  Contact Facility Automation Solutions for further details. 
Facility Automation Solutions, Inc. Jacksonville, FL   USA Ph: 904.446-8100 email:
Windows PC or Server with minimum of 4 GB RAM Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)
Windows 7, or greater Client OS, or Windows Server 2008, or greater Server OS Java Standard Edition environment, JavaSE 7 or greater
eDrive Communication Protocol Summary:
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