Winn Army Community Hospital chooses FAS as their vender of choice for controls on all Med Comm Facilities.
Fall 2013
St Vincent’s Hospital Clay County --- Energy Star 97 rating!
Fall 2013
Announcing - SYSTEM Check -  A revolutionary product
Summer 2013
Facility Automation Solutions, Inc. in cooperation with TME, a Bernhard Energy  company, has helped Ascension Health complete a new Hosptial in Clay County, Florida, and attain an energy star rating of 97.  This means that the new hosptial is in the top 3% of all hospitals in the nation.
What if you could test your system without using service labor? What if your building tested itself as often as you wanted? How do you know if all of your VAV / Fancoils / Air handlers are operating correctly? Is your building wasting money and energy without you knowing? NOW YOU CAN TEST AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT WITHOUT COSTING TIME, MONEY OR LABOR. Take a look at ..................SYSTEM Check For more information about this software solution contact - Info@FacilityAutomationSolutions
Located within Fort Stewart Army Base, Winn Army Hosptial serves the base personell and their families.   The state of the art hospital is focused on energy conservation and has installed several large installations of photovoltaic power panels and inverters and associated dashboards using VantagePoint by FAS. For more information about energy dashboards, visit
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