Real-time Commissioning

Data-driven performance verification

Monitoring and analyzing real-time data to verify and improve system performance is changing the accepted practice for commissioning new buildings and systems.

At Facility Automation Solutions, our expertise with all types of system controls enables us to perform real-time commissioning that ensures your systems are delivering maximum value. By monitoring data from your newly installed systems, we verify that your systems are not merely “turned on and ready” to perform to their design specifications, but are actually delivering that performance.

In addition to creating a performance profile for your systems, we analyze the data and identify opportunities to fine-tune the systems for optimal operation.

A thorough FAS commissioning includes:

  • A complete point-by-point check of all control devices that have been installed or connected to the system.
  • Functional and performance verification of all devices to ensure they are operating as intended and are working together properly.
  • Testing of all sensors and calibration verification.
  • Sequencing and verification of all control programs.