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Frequent Questions about  eDrive 

We will glad to work with you to help select the best eDrive  configuration for your application.   You may contact us at  MoreInfo@FacilityAutomationSolutions.com   for assistance.

The following list of Frequent Questions will help to give you a better understanding of how eDrive  works and how it can be applied to your system(s).

   Frequently Asked Questions ...

Is  eDrive  a Plain-English driver or an X Driver?
It is neither.   eDrive  is software that runs on a PC connected to the same Ethernet used for Continuum.   It uses the Ethernet to talk to both the CX controller and the non-Andover devices.
Do I need to 'enable' a CX Comm Port in order to use  eDrive ?
No.   eDrive  does not use any CX Comm Ports.  It passes point data to and from the CX via Ehternet.
How do I access the points in Continuum?
eDrive  maps the device points directly to Continuum InfinityNumeric objects that you create.  They can then be used as any other numerics... in programs, in graphics, with alarms, schedules, etc.
How much programming/configuration is required?
eDrive  does not require you write any programs.   Instead, you configure the list of points you wish to exchange in a plain text file on the PC using any text editor program (NotePad, etc.). When the driver runs, it reads this text file and begins exchanging point data.   To make system modifications, simply edit the text file and then restart the driver.
How difficult is eDrive  to install?
eDrive  installs as a standard Windows application.   It comes complete on a CD-ROM with a simple, step-by-step installation program.   Installation takes only minutes.   It is compatable with Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
If eDrive  communicates over Ehternet, how does it talk to RS-232 or RS-485 Devices?
Many of the non-Andover devices you may use with eDrive  communicate through an RS-232 port, or on an RS-485 bus.   A simple 'Serial-to-Ethernet' device server is used to move the device point data back and forth from the devices to eDrive  over Ehternet-TCP/IP.

With one device server per bus, you can even bring in data from multiple device busses using a single copy of eDrive  software.   Please see our section on Example Applications   for more detail.
How much does eDrive  Cost?
eDrive  pricing is based on the quantitity and type of devices you wish to bring in. The lowest cost version are limited to talk with just a few devices (5 or less), then there are higher priced versions that are capable of handling several hundred devices.

Please contact us by phone or email for a price for your application.   We also offer dealer/reseller pricing levels.
Does eDrive  require a dedicated PC?
eDrive  can be run on its own networked PC (see minimum PC requirements ), but it can also be installed on the same PC as the Andover Cyberstation software.   Both eDrive  and Cyberstation can run simultaneously on the same PC.

When the PC running eDrive  is turned off, point data will no longer be exchanged, so it is important to run it on a PC that will be powered and running full-time.   With improved hardware and operating system reliability of today's PC's, this is usually not a problem.   eDrive  however, is not intended for use in life-critical or mission-critical applications where its failure to exchange data, or a failure of the PC could result in personal injury or property damage.

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