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Experience, expertise and commitment to Customer Service

Facility Automation Solutions has been a respected business name in Jacksonville and North Florida for more than four decades, earning an unsurpassed reputation for satisfying customers and working with the latest HVAC technologies. With Facility Automation Solutions, we’re building upon our reputation by helping customers achieve their goals for energy savings and operational efficiency. By integrating, commissioning and servicing the most-advanced system control technologies available today — and tomorrow — we’re providing Jacksonville and North Florida companies with a competitive edge.

Our employees take great pride in their knowledge and ability to help improve the efficiency and health of buildings and campus complexes where tens of thousands of people live, work and play. We know that our expertise and customer commitment not only make businesses more competitive, but improve each building’s overall environmental comfort.

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At Facility Automation Solutions, we’re working for you.

Facility Automation Solutions engineers and technicians are certified by the major control technology manufacturers, including Schneider Electric, Andover Controls, Belimo, RS2, Pelco, TAC Vista and more. They also have training and experience implementing systems that adhere to major industry standards, including BACnet, LONtalk, Modbus, and other Open Protocols.



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