Indoor Environment Controls

Reliable comfort and

Energy savings through automation

Facility Automation Solutions can help you design and maintain automated temperature and lighting control systems to meet your specific requirements, whether you’re planning new construction or retrofitting an existing facility.

Cooling, heating and lighting systems are the biggest energy consumers in most commercial and institutional facilities — and therefore offer major opportunities for savings. From sophisticated building management systems to room controls that automatically activate and turn off when needed, today’s smart systems offer a highly efficient combination of comfort, automation and flexibility.

In addition to temperature and lighting, we offer systems that monitor and control relative humidity, room pressurization and carbon dioxide levels. On-demand ventilation systems, for example, draw in outside air only when CO2 levels exceed a certain threshold, thereby saving the cost of ventilating unoccupied spaces. Centralized control stations enable all environmental elements to be programmed and coordinated for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Plus, with Facility Automation Solutions as your partner, you’ll know that you always have the expertise close at hand to maintain your system and provide system software upgrades as they become available.

Key benefits of automated

Temperature and lighting controls