Energy Monitoring and System Optimization

Identifying opportunities to

Lower costs, reduce waste

Our experienced service engineers evaluate and optimize your facilities’ automation systems for increased energy efficiency, as well as improved reliability and comfort.

Making the most of automated control systems requires evaluating occupancy and energy usage patterns, so your systems can be coordinated and managed for maximum cost and comfort efficiency. We work with facility managers to monitor and analyze data, and to develop customized solutions that help you meet your management objectives.

We identify and correct energy waste, and we help you capture time-of-day energy usage discounts from providers, as well as manage the flow of excess electricity from on-site generators back into the power grid. We also work with you to evaluate alternative energy sources for satisfying LEED requirements and meeting corporate sustainability goals.

At Facility Automation Solutions, we recognize that smart buildings are more than a good idea. They’re a business imperative.

Key benefits of

Energy monitoring and system optimization