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Smart Systems + Smart Engineering =

Smart Buildings

Every aspect of intelligent building operations — from individual space temperature controls to complete campus-wide system integration — contributes to facilities that are optimized for occupant comfort, energy savings, operational efficiency and lower maintenance costs. In Jacksonville and North Florida, no one has more experience than Facility Automation Solutions in all areas of making buildings smart.

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Indoor Environment Controls

Facility Automation Solutions can help you design and maintain automated temperature and lighting control systems to meet your specific…

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Plant Equipment Control and Energy Management

One hundred percent system availability is not an option for most large-facility heating, cooling and energy systems. Effective plant equipment control and energy management ensure…

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Security Video Monitoring

Today’s digital video systems allow far greater flexibility and effectiveness for monitoring, storing and retrieving important data…

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Security Access Controls

Modern safety concerns have caused building security to evolve from little more than a reception desk to sophisticated access systems for …

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Energy Monitoring and System Optimization

Our experienced service engineers evaluate and optimize your facilities’ automation systems for increased energy efficiency, as well as improved reliability and comfort…

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Cloud-based Remote Monitoring

If you’re a facilities manager with responsibility for multiple sites, you know the importance of a comprehensive view of conditions at all of your sites and the ability to …

Technology Providers

We work extensively with products from the industry’s top technology providers, including SentryLogic and Schneider Electric’s Square-D, Andover ContinuumTAC Vista and Barber-Colman product lines, as well as many more. We are also experienced with implementing systems that adhere to major industry standards, including BACnetLONtalk, Modbus, and other Open Protocols.