Public Places

Reliable comfort and

Reliable comfort and security for guests and visitors

Climate control system reliability is paramount at convention centers, hotels, museums and other public places, and Facility Automation Solutions provides it.

Automated systems designed and implemented by Facility Automation Solutions help managers of public places ensure that occupants in their facilities are comfortable, while at the same time providing energy efficiency controls. For example, our systems feature room management tools that automatically lower the temperature in empty rooms and return it to comfort level when the rooms are occupied. They can also automatically turn off air conditioning when room windows are left open.

We also help clients provide a high level of security for their guests and visitors. Card access systems ensure that only authorized personnel can enter secure areas, and security video monitoring allows operators to view activity in key areas — and easily store and retrieve video segments.

Facility Automation Solutions’ Service Department offers a variety of options to ensure that you have all of the systems support you need, when you need it.

Public Places Client Profiles

Museum of Contemporary Art
Hyatt Hotel and Convention Center
Ponte Vedra Inn and Conference Center
Amelia Island Plantation Resort and Conference
Christian Family Chapel
Jacksonville, Florida
Christ’s Church
Jacksonville, FL
Harvest Community Church
Jacksonville, FL
Christ’s Church Fleming Island
Fleming Island, FL
Christ Episcopal Church
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida