Cloud-based Remote Monitoring

Total visibility from

Any location, any time

If you’re a facilities manager with responsibility for multiple sites, you know the importance of a comprehensive view of conditions at all of your sites and the ability to respond quickly to system irregularities.

Through remote monitoring and alarm notification systems, Facility Automation Systems gives you the tools to pull together information from remote sites into a comprehensive view of conditions across your enterprise, as well as instant awareness when trouble strikes.

Using tools such as SentryLogic, we enable you to receive alarms via text messaging, pagers, mobile phones and email. Our tools can also monitor all of your critical systems for proper operation; generate reports, and even adjust defined operational points, parameters, and setpoints over the Internet. We also offer IAQ Sentry air quality monitoring and documentation to meet regulatory requirements and protect against construction area intrusion.

Remote monitoring and alarm notification tools are cost-effective because they allow you to assign personnel where they’re needed, when they’re needed, rather than maintaining on-site staff or making periodic checks of systems that are performing properly.

Key benefits of

Remote monitoring and alarm notification