Plant Equipment Control and Energy Management

Ensuring reliable system

Operations under all conditions

One hundred percent system availability is not an option for most large-facility heating, cooling and energy systems. Effective plant equipment control and energy management ensure that critical systems are always operating, even in difficult situations.

Facility Automation Solutions can help you achieve 100 percent system availability for comfort and special environmental requirements while also optimizing your equipment control and energy management systems for energy efficiency and cost savings through automation.

Computer-based controllers run different elements of your system to account for a range of variables, such as outside temperature and building usage projections based on day of the week and time of day. They automatically adjust the available capacity to ensure that plant systems can meet conditions without consuming energy to maintain unnecessary capacity. Among the techniques used are cooling tower optimization, demand-based control, scheduling for optimum stop-start, and duty cycling.

Facility Automation Solutions will help you analyze system performance and trending reports to ensure that your systems are set at the optimum levels to provide the highest level of reliability and energy efficiency.

Key benefits of automated plant equipment

Control and energy management include:

Technology Providers

We work extensively with products from the industry’s top technology providers, including Pelco by Schneider Electric, Integral Technologies and Schneider Electric.