Energy and operating

Energy and operation efficiency for the plant environment

Controlling energy costs and creating an efficient and consistent production environment is a competitive edge for our clients.

Manufacturing companies face pressures to improve energy efficiency and maintain a well-controlled production environment. Facility Automation Solutions helps manufacturers achieve their goals through plant equipment controls and energy management, as well as energy monitoring and system optimization. We also provide facility managers with remote monitoring and alarming systems to ensure they’re constantly informed of their systems’ operational status.

We have extensive experience working with regulated industries and helping them meet their recordkeeping and documentation requirements related to process control. For these industries, we engineer automation systems specifically to comply with regulatory requirements. We also help companies meet LEED building standards for sustainability, which is a growing business imperative for businesses of all types.

Facility Automation Solutions’ engineers are trained in Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (21CFR) compliance.

Manufacturing Client Profiles

St Johns County Detention Facility Integrated Controls
Jacksonville, FL
Greenhouse Controls and Monitoring System
UF Shands Proton Beam Therapy Center
JEA Water Plants
JEA Northside Generating Burner Control System