Data Centers

Helping clients

Helping clients achieve 100 percent availability

Our plant equipment control and energy management systems are critical for helping data center clients maintain uninterrupted operation.

At Facility Automation Solutions, we provide automated control systems that data center operators depend on for seamless switchover in the event of power or HVAC system failures. We help clients with the coordination, commissioning and maintenance of control systems for special systems such as large chilled water tank storage and other standby systems. And we tie building management systems directly into existing data center networks for maximum efficiency.

Security is also critical at data centers. We help our clients maintain safe and secure facilities with access control and video monitoring systems. To address the increasing need for energy efficiency and focus on sustainability, we help our clients conserve energy and lower watts per square foot of floor space.

We offer 24 / 7 on-demand dispatching to provide our data center clients with additional assurance of continuous system availability.

Data Center Client Profiles

Florida Blue Data Center
Jacksonville, FL
CSX Data Center
Jacksonville, FL
Black Knight Data Center
Jacksonville, FL
Baptist Medical IS Center
Jacksonville, FL
Fidelity National Financial Data Center
Jacksonville, FL
UNF Data Center
Jacksonville, FL