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Occupant safety

Today’s digital video systems allow far greater flexibility and effectiveness for monitoring, storing and retrieving important data.

Facility Automation Solutions can help you design and implement a security video system to monitor all of the sensitive areas of your facility or complex, including public spaces, elevators, computer rooms and any area where valuable equipment is stored or used. In addition to helping maintain security and protect occupants, an effective video monitoring system can reduce theft.

Systems include a central server to maintain data from all cameras at all sites, as well as digital video storage for easy cataloging and instant recall of video images, without wading through hours of analog footage to find the time and view you need. In addition, increasingly sophisticated video analytics technology allows users to program systems to recognize specific behavior, objects or other characteristics. Systems can send alerts when the defined parameters are met and assign priority tags to those video segments.

As video monitoring systems increase in importance and capabilities, Facility Automation Solutions has the expertise to incorporate them into your security network.

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Security video monitoring

Technology Providers

We work extensively with products from the industry’s top technology providers, including Pelco by Schneider Electric, Integral Technologies and Schneider Electric.