Bank of America

Bank of America, Jacksonville, Fla.

One of the world’s largest financial institutions, Bank of America has a major presence throughout Florida and in Jacksonville, where it maintains a variety of critical facilities that are essential to its regional operations.


Bank of America needed to upgrade its ability to monitor and control its critical facilities throughout Florida and to manage its facility systems more effectively at the company’s Jacksonville Office Park complex.


Because of its long-term relationship with Facility Automation Solutions, Bank of America chose us to completely update the Jacksonville Office Park consisting of more than 1.3 million square feet of occupied offices, call centers, and network computer data centers from individual building controls to an enterprise-wide system for monitoring and control.

Bank of America Tower HVAC and monitoring controllers
In the most critical building, the data center, uninterruptible power supply and equipment was protected with a sophisticated electrical and chilled water load-shed sequence. A localized touch-screen is used to update the conditions of the building loads during utility outages.

An Andover Continuum system that utilizes the Bank of America corporate network was implemented as the platform for the solution. In addition, critical buildings throughout the state have been converted to provide automatic alpha-numeric paging of high-priority alarms with exact information about each alarm.


The system upgrade at the Jacksonville Office Park was accomplished with zero incidents, and the statewide monitoring network has provided facilities managers with much-improved visibility and response capabilities to building systems in critical Bank of America facilities throughout Florida.

Project Details

Equipment Installed — More than 1,900 DDC Controllers for HVAC and monitoring

Network — Bank of America WAN

Applications Provided

Remote Notification — Alphanumeric paging of critical alarms