Daytona Speedway

Daytona International Speedway, FL

The world renown Daytona Speedway is an amazing building! If it were standing on end it would be over two times taller than the highest building in the world today. Facility Automation Solutions was chosen to design, install and manage the critical systems in this building. See more below. 


When the International Speedway Corporation decided to replace it’s entire grandstands (over a mile long site) with a new indoor and outdoor state of the art venue, it tasked Schneider Electric and Facility Automation to create a system that would monitor and command every area of the facility. It wanted all of the multiple subsystems connected and response to a single dashboard for alarming and management. 


Facility Automation Solutions combined the capabilities of eDrive, VantagePoint, SentryLogic and EcoStruxure in a complete single pane of glass for the Daytona Speedway Operations team. They are now able to monitor and respond to thousands of points and systems during a race or event that is providing entertainment for the hundreds of thousands of guests and their needs.


The Daytona Speedway Operations team is ecstatic with the final product and service it is able to provide it’s customers with a limited staff. The Daytona International Speedway is a pit stop for the race day and it is able to keep the largest single site venue in the world running in top condition. 

Project Details

EcoStruxure— Manages system with over 12000 points

eDrive — Software platform integrating third party 15 specific systems and protocols

VantagePoint – Dashboard combines entire operation into an understandable set of screens with real time information for the operations team helping direct them to the highest priority issues

SentryLogic – Provides a fulltime umblicical to the right staff when an critical points or system are in need of review or response. Specific emails, texts, and/or phone calls are sent to the exact people who need to be notified first. Then they can check on the system from any location via their phone, laptop or tablet. Trends and present conditions are easily reviewed for quick diagnostics


System Integrations