Jacksonville Main Public Library

Jacksonville Main Public Library

Opened in November 2005, the 300,000-square-foot Main Library is Florida’s largest public library, with capacity to hold more than one million books.


Maintaining reliable climate control and safety systems is critical for the library to protect its collections and provide a comfortable environment for its thousands of visitors.


The City of Jacksonville has partnered with Facility Automation Solutions since 2003 to support the Main Public Library in the control and monitoring of its HVAC systems and energy consumption. In addition, we have provided the firemen’s override panel and compartmental automatic smoke control sequencing systems. The City of Jacksonville also is able to monitor the building systems over the municipality’s network using Web access.


Project Details

Equipment Installed — More than 500 DDC Controllers for HVAC control

Network — City of Jacksonville Ethernet LAN

HVAC Applications

Remote Access — Web access