Extended Access Services

Work more efficiently with SentryLogic

SentryLogic Extended Access Alarming. Extended alarm management and escalation enables site personnel to leave their work station to handle other tasks while being assured of notification should the system require attention. Features include:

  • Monitoring and escalation of alarms as agreed with customer.
  • Connection to the third-party watchdog server.
  • Online access and analysis of the alarm events.
  • Emails are created for the customer.
  • High-priority alarms are handled by SentryLogic.com.
  • Necessary corrective actions when an alarm occurs are included with the alarms.
  • Standard operating procedures can be included with specific alarms to instruct personnel.
  • Alarm logs and statistics are reported to the user and backed up in the SentryLogic database.
  • Alarms are sent via pagers, phones, email, or PDAs, as required on a per-alarm basis.

SentryLogic Extended Access Operation. Remote site operation and system management over a secure online connection enables assigned personnel to make quick and efficient operational adjustments.

  • Operational points, parameters, and setpoints are adjustable safely over the Internet.
  • System health is monitored from an offsite watchdog server.
  • Provides control from anywhere with online access, not only the plant office, so you’re not tied to the plant office.
  • Operational emails are created for the customer.
  • Provides quick review of historical trends and control functions.
  • Can be used in conjunction with SentryLogic Alarming.
  • Operational alerts can notify users of system changes, such as changeover, limits, or peaks.

SentryLogic Extended Access Reporting. Scheduled or event-initiated notifications of important operational parameters or usage provide a quick overview of your operation and help you keep your building investment at peak functionality.

  • Reports for energy, building efficiency, or tenant usage.
  • Report on system adjustments or alarm conditions.
  • Emailed reports can be scheduled or requested online from anywhere.
  • Operational emailed reports are created for your specific management needs.
  • Review of operational reports will assist in optimizing building systems.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the other SentryLogic applications.

IAQ Sentry. Air quality monitoring and documentation satisfies your regulatory requirements and also proactively addresses contamination issues, reducing building-owner liability.

Indoor Air Monitoring

  • Regular monitoring and follow-up of air quality indicators such as temperature, pressure, CO2 or CO levels, and occupied air changes.
  • Remotely performed and reported via Web interface.
  • Remote alarms and emails for quick response to violations.

Construction Area Intrusion Prevention

  • Negative pressure monitors installed at construction openings with audible and visible indicators.
  • Hospitals can maintain documented pressure control during all phases of construction projects.