Maintenance and Operational Services

Service options to meet every clients’ needs

Basic Service Package. Included in the first-year warranty for every new system, the Basic Service Package can be added to and extended, according to your requirements. Features include:

  • Yearly site visit
  • Security test (temperature, system check)
  • Controlling functions
  • Interview with operational staff on site
  • CD backup of database files
  • Support during office hours
  • Service report (local template used)
  • Access to SentryLogic Extended Access Service for certain points as determined by Facility Automation Solutions. (Required Internet access not included.)

Support Service. Clients add predictability to their maintenance and improvement budgets by contracting for an annual dollar amount of services that can be used at their discretion, for the exact services they need.

  • Provides a method for budgeting non-scheduled service or unanticipated breakdowns.
  • Covers all services available from Facility Automation Solutions, from training and upgrades to repairs and service.
  • Unused funds near the end of the service year can be used for improvements to the client’s automation system.
  • Pre-arranged labor rates and material mark-up are written into the yearly service agreement at the beginning of each service year.

Dispatch Maintenance. Around-the-clock maintenance on demand provides guaranteed access to a Facility Automation Solutions specialist.

  • After-hours response, seven days a week.
  • Time and repair billed at the lower contract rates, rather than street rates.
  • Guaranteed response time of as little as four hours, per contract agreement.
  • Contract customers given dispatch priority.
  • If a modem or IP/Router is available, the site can be contacted for more-efficient troubleshooting.

System Optimization. Planned tune-ups enhance system performance to save energy and increase reliability. It’s like having a paid system controls engineer on staff, without the cost of a full-time position.

  • Experienced service engineers evaluate the building automation system and make adjustments, programming changes and other modifications, as approved, to increase reliability and comfort.
  • Alarming will be analyzed to improve response time to real alarms while lowering the number of false alarms.
  • Additional graphics and reports can be created for overview and summarization of the systems.
  • Implementation of energy efficient enhancements to the system, such as night temperature setback, discharge air reset, scheduled occupancy and OA dew point reset for cooling tower optimization.
  • Changes can be monitored offsite to verify performance enhancements.

User Training. Every tool you need to modify and configure your system is built into the product, enabling you to reduce third-party service calls. Facility Automation Solutions experts provide on-site training that enables you to extract full value from your system.

  • Training is available on operation, configuration, programming and troubleshooting.
  • All training administered by experienced technicians and engineers.
  • Drawings and operation and maintenance manuals are provided.
  • Optional factory training offered at regularly scheduled times in various regions within the U.S. or at the factory training facility in Andover, Mass. Factory training classes are arranged locally as demand allows.
  • Your people are to the level that you wish them to perform.

Additional Service Options

Periodic Backups. Scheduled system and database backups, in addition to those provided in the Basic Service Package, to protect your software development investment against catastrophe.

Software Upgrades. System upgrades are installed as soon as they are released by the manufacturer, ensuring your system never becomes out-of-date.

Repair Parts. Replacement parts and associated labor are covered by the service contract whenever a part fails as the result of normal operational use (excluding water damage, lightning, fire, etc.).