Reliable control systems for 24 X 7 comfort and availability

Our automation solutions help hospitals and other healthcare facilities ensure that their critical climate and security systems are always working.

In the hospital environment, temperature, lighting, humidity and room pressurization systems are mission critical for patient care and infection control. Facility Automation Solutions works with healthcare facilities to design control solutions that provide reliable service during normal working conditions and to implement backup systems for emergency situations.

We also understand the compliance requirements for certification by The Joint Commission and state agencies, and we design our solutions to provide the necessary recordkeeping for documenting the performance of indoor air quality and climate systems.

In addition, we have helped healthcare campus operators meet the growing need for facility security. Our security access card and video monitoring systems enable operators to control access to secure areas, track who is in those areas, and record video of activities in key locations throughout the complex. Our systems also provide threat level response to lock down critical areas in the event of a security emergency.

Facility Automation Solutions is experienced in helping healthcare facilities meet The Joint Commission compliance requirements.

Healthcare Client Profiles

  • Baptist Health System

    Baptist Medical Center

    Jacksonville, FL

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  • Memorial Hospital

    Memorial Medical Center

    Jacksonville, FL

  • St. Vincent's Medical Center

    St. Vincent’s Medical Center

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Flagler Hospital

    Flagler Medical Center

    St. Augustine, FL

  • Orange Park Medical Center

    Orange Park Medical Center

    Orange Park, FL

  • Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital

    Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Orange Park Surgery Center

    Orange Park Surgery Center

    Orange Park, FL

  • Plaza Surgery Center

    Plaza Surgery Center

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Twin Lakes Surgery Center

    Twin Lakes Surgery Center

    Daytona Beach, FL

  • Southpoint Surgery Center

    Southpoint Surgery Center

    Jacksonville, FL

  • Jax Surgery Center

    Jax Surgery Center

    Jacksonville, FL