Daytona Speedway and ISC Choose Facility Automation Solutions
January 2014
Announcing the launch of  Vantage Point  a Multipurpose Dashboard
Spring 2014
Are you waiting for a cost effective solution to display a message? Do you need realtime data included in the display? Are you keeping energy usage of your facilities infront of your users? IF NOT THEN YOU NEED Vantage Point.... With this completely configurable product you can deliver the message that you need and be able to manage and maintain  multiple dashboards from a single program.  new eDrive Web you can manage all of your third party driver integrations from one simple browser running on any physical or virtual application server. Vantage Point can aquire data from the following protocols: BACnet, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, SNMP, Continuum Infinity, StruxureWare, and Web Services protocols For more information about this software solution go to :
The International Speedway Corporation (ISC) as part of their Daytona Rising project which completely replaces the old racing venue has chosen Facility Automation Solutions to be the central integrator for their future.  The system will monitor and control a long list of various systems from a central point and be capable of directing the facilities staff to any potiential problems across the site which, unlike most buildings, is measured in miles rather than feet.
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